Shui Areté

Shui (pronounced shway): flow and Areté (pronounced ahr-i-tey): the Greek word for excellence of any kind. Shui Areté™: flow into your own excellence. Certified in feng shui, coaching and as the founder of Shui Areté, Jolene is passionate about the art of living your highest potential (areté). She combines all this and her background as artist/designer, photographer, filmmaker and world traveler to introduce others to the most significant work of art: designing your life.

What does your life say about you?

You are the artist of your own life. It’s true, just look around and you can visually see what the artist within you is creating! Everything from the thoughts you think, the clothes you wear, what you dream at night to your personal goals; all of these things create your artistic footprint. Shui Areté is about how to use that artist within to further develop your unique areté (excellence). Below you will find information on our exclusive Shui Areté consults and Visual Tools, all created to help you design your life in a way unlike any other.

What should I expect?

Your consultation is as unique as your Areté! We offer one and one phone, email and virtual appointments. Shui Areté parties are for groups of four or more and our Visual Tools are marked accordingly. Use the information below to help you decide which is best for you or contact us for additional information. In general, a Shui Areté consult can explore the following and much more:

– Who is in charge of your internal artist
– How are you using the artist within to create your outer world
– What are the current patterns blocking you from your highest potential
– What are some of the symbols your inner artist uses to create
– Why using visualization is so important to your artist within
– Provide you with real life techniques to assist you in reaching your goals
– Teach you how to utilize your unique artist to your fullest potential
– Realistic and easy steps for you to begin the art of living your own excellence

Visual Tools with Shui Areté

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 12.21.00 PMColor Mapping: A personalized color chart based on your individual areté. Your colors can do a lot for you through their unique properties. Apply them to your home, office or person! (Individuals & Groups)
Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 10.07.48 AM Inspired Shui: Based on your personalized Color Map, these are an authentic, artistic reflection of you: the walking masterpiece that you are. This custom artwork is all based on your unique areté. (Individuals) 
Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 10.12.01 AMAutomatic Art: Much like automatic writing, this tool uses the subconscious mind to reveal insights about your current life. This is a great way to start flowing into your own excellence.(Individuals & Groups)
StatueVisual Expert: Using the principals of feng shui, color and design elements we can evaluate your current art and help you purchase the right pieces for the aesthetics of your home or business.(Individuals & Groups)
Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 5.03.47 PMDigital Inspirations: Choose from our exclusive images to digitally download for your personal goals, affirmations or vision boards or have us create custom images of your specific goals.(Individuals & Groups)
Monastery All Things Shui: Maximize the Shui Areté experience with custom products, merchandise and more based on your individual needs. All designed to help you flow into the art of living your life according to your unique areté.(Individuals)

When can I schedule?

20 Minutes: A “mini” consult is best for people who have one particular question they would like to focus on.
45 Minutes: Interested in developing a more in-depth connection with your areté? This is for you.
One on One Unlimited Email: Need a flexible time? We hear you. Unlimited email is available on a week-to-week basis, they are more intensive and require dedication to discovering your own areté. (Please note: We respond to each email within 48 hours M-F.)

Get your friends together and have a Shui Areté Party!

Shui Areté Focus Group: Focuses on the teachings of Shui Areté and how to apply them within your life. Each member receives a 20-minute private consult and a follow-up email to address any additional questions or concerns.

Feng Shui 101: Do you want to know the basics of Feng Shui? Would you like to understand how it works along side of Shui Areté? Interested in what you can start doing today to enhance your life? Have a Feng Shui 101 get together to learn the basics of this ancient art and modern applications.

Happenings: Any of our visual tools (Color Mapping, Inspired Shui, Automatic Art, etc.) can be done as a group. These “Shui Areté Parties” are so much fun! Not only will you learn all about Shui Areté, but you will also have a great reminder to take with you.

Special Event Shui Areté: Have your friends, family or employees work together and generate a new look for your space, all at the same time!  We love our on-site Special Event Shui Areté Parties. They give people an opportunity to combine the group atmosphere with an artistic edge and the hands-on application of Shui Areté. They can be done for any theme too! Your baby shower, wedding, bachelor party or any special occasion at the location of your choice.

How the Special Events work: Prior to the special event, we work together and discuss the atmosphere you want to create in your space, the sizes, materials and all the juicy details. With this information, we create a sample of your custom designed mural for your approval. When your guests arrive we can go straight to the fun part of painting! Everyone has a chance to paint and work together to bring your vision to life in your very own space. Not only is it a great way to re-decorate, but you have a lasting memory for your very special event. We are there every step of the way to ensure your approved sample is exactly what you get.

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