Location, location, location

So how do most people decide where they want to house sit? Location of course. But even knowing this, you still might have to think about things you would never have otherwise considered. House sits are worldwide. We have seen house sits everywhere from Israel, Botswana and Bali to Russia, Prague and Nepal. That leaves a pretty big window for house sitters to find their ideal sitting location. But just because you like the beach doesn’t mean you want to be there during hurricane season.Beach Shot

Let’s take a for instance. We love the ocean, and it doesn’t matter to us what season it is to be there. Since we enjoy it, we had no problem accepting an upcoming house sit in New England. Sure, it will be cold but for us, the ocean is so rejuvenating, and that outweighs the cold. If we were knee deep in hurricane season, I would most likely decline the invitation because well, I don’t have any experience caring for a home in that type of weather.

Sure, there are freak acts of nature, and you never know what could happen, but we try not to dwell on those as much as we try to ask ourselves the right questions before we even consider a house sitting assignment.

Consider the climate. Rather be hot than cold? Humid or dry? A jungle setting more to your liking or does the desert sound perfect? Avid mountain biker or flat terrain a little more desirable? All of your personal preferences should be taken into consideration when deciding on a house sit.

Most homeowners, when they post their houses, will specify some of these things on their ad but some will not. You have to be prepared to think through it just a little further than your normal getaway.

Deciding on a vacation is almost easier, right? Maybe but you wouldn’t get the same kind of local experience if you take a cruise or go to an all inclusive. It just depends on what you feel comfortable with.

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