Wonder Why Woman

One day I got bored while we were driving so I made up superhero names for both of us. I dubbed my husband “CURMUDGEON MAAAAANNNN!” and I am “WONDER WHY WOMAN!”. The only thing is he isn’t really a curmudgeon we just thought it was funny to say that with the same enthusiasm as you would say “SUPERMAN!” I, however, most definitely fit my superhero name. I wonder why about everything. I think so much I try to not think and thinking about not thinking gets me thinking more about thinking.

When we were in Ireland I was thinking about France, and now we are in France, I am thinking about Ireland. He is always reminding me to be present in this moment. I do need the reminder. I mean, I should wake up feeling awesome because I did what a lot of others didn’t do today: wake up. It’s easy to forget how fragile life is when your not being present.
This is why we love this adventure. It’s a great reminder to be present.

For example, today it was raining but instead of staying inside in we went for a walk. Who cares if it’s raining, we’re in France for goodness sake! Being “Wonder Why Woman”, I try to make decisions by my own scales (I am also a Libra, double whammy) by asking myself the right questions:

– When I am home, am I going to regret not taking a walk in French countryside because of a mere dribble?
– Would I be mad at myself for not driving ten minutes out of the way to see the sunset over THAT hill?
– Could I live with myself knowing that I was RIGHT THERE and didn’t take a moment to see what I originally wanted to see?
If I am honest with myself in these moments, then I know I will have the best experience possible. It also helps that James and I get along so famously because sometimes I do need that extra push to be reminded!

Before I met James, I had the idea that being in a relationship with another artist would be taxing more than anything else. I just kept seeing the “Jackson Pollack” movie in my head every time I thought of it. What a fantastic disaster! But being with another artist who supports your individual expression and creative work is something amazing. It really comes in handy during “something shiny” moments when the neither of you can bear to drive away without THAT photograph. We get each other.

I remember one of the first trips we took together. We were headed up to Lilydale in New York, and the sun was setting in the distance. The lighting was beautiful, and we were on this back road just trying to reach our destination before it got dark. But every time I looked out the passenger window the light and landscape was even more picturesque than it was a moment ago. It was driving me insane to see something so beautiful and not get a shot of it, so I screamed, “Somebody’s (meaning him) got to stop!”

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 1.39.08 PMI took one of my favorite photographs that day, and I didn’t have to edit it whatsoever. It was perfect. The lighting on the barn, the placement of the sun, everything was really just glowing in a way I had never seen before. Maybe it was a foreshadowing event as to what was about to happen in my life by meeting him☺ All I know is that photograph along with that moment stands out in my mind. For a mind that thinks way too much, that’s saying a lot. I think.