Why Choose House Sitting?

There are plenty of reasons to choose house sitting as a way of traveling. However, I can’t honestly say that if I only had a week or two off a year it would be my first choice. I would choose a luxury vaca over a house sit if I had a normal J.O.B. but, I don’t. So here is my attempt to convince you as to why you should try it.

  1. Local Immersion! Say it like a party introduction because this is my
    number one reason for house sitting. There is nothing like being instantly transplanted into another area to get the full experience.
  2. Budget friendly. You know all that cash you saved by house sitting? Now, you can use it to immerse yourself in a seaweed bath, get a massage or buy those souvenirs that won’t fit into your suitcase on the way back home:)57BYBM0581
  3. Change of scenery. Tired of those traditional vacations? Go house sit. It will change the way you travel forever.
  4. A personal experience. The local pub will let you pour your own Guinness and give you a fife (small flute) lesson before you finish your second. True story.
  5. “Free” accommodation. I say “free” because you, of course, are spending your time caring for their most beloved possessions, the ones that breathe, and the ones that don’t.

House sitting is awesome but, as I mentioned, it isn’t for everyone. It can be very involved, time-consuming and require more responsibilities than you are used to. It can also be rewarding, immersive and an exceptional way to spend your time off. I will say, though, if you have the time to try it out, if only for a weekend, you should do it. A short stay could be a great way of getting your feet wet and see if it is really for you.

Oh and if you haven’t check out our videos yet, this one is from our first U.S. Tour. Check it out!

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