What to Consider Before House Sitting (part 2)

The number one question from homeowners: Do you charge a fee? The number one question from people in general: how do you make money to keep doing what you do? The short answer is, there is no short answer. Sorry to have to break it to you.

Charging a fee is between you and the homeowner. Just recently we had an experience where the homeowner looked at our profile and noticed that we sometimes charge a fee for house sitting services. He asked us to clarify what conditions would constitute doing so.

I explained that we are both muralists/painters, filmmakers, and I am a feng shui designer. Sometimes we get asked to do projects for people that fall into the realm. We also charge if people ask us to do things that go beyond the scope of what we feel comfortable with when house/pet sitting. That, of course, is completely relative.

Whether you are deciding on going on vacation or a house sit, money is obviously something to think about. (Unless you are independently wealthy, then I guess you don’t have to.) Many of the longer house sits ask that people have some steady income before applying. So it’s really important to sit down and calculate all the costs you can think of when deciding to house sit.

The bottom line when answering the question “is house sitting for me” can only be answered by you:) You have to take all things into consideration when saying “yes” to a sit because people depend on you. Be prepared to ask yourself the tough questions and really think about everything you will need to do prepare before you say yes.

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