Shui What?

When I first founded Shui Areté, I didn’t realize how deeply I was connected to this little word areté. I was in my thirties, enrolled in college for the uh, 4th time, trying to get my bachelors degree before my credits expired. (Who knew credits expired!) I was taking a class in western origins when this little tiny word changed my life forever.

Pronounced ahr-i-tey, it’s most fundamental meaning is the excellence of any kind; being the best you can be. What is so wonderful about this word is that everything and I mean everything has an areté. What is even more exciting is that everyone’s areté is different!

Think of it this way: every flower has it own areté: as it grows it does so to its’ fullest potential. It takes what it is given
from the earth and sun and grows the best it can. It doesn’t look at the other flowers and say, “Well that flower got more sun than me, so that’s why I can’t grow bigger.” No. It just grows the best it can from
what it has.

Okay, you’re not a flower so what does this mean to you? Simply put: your highest potential (arête) is yours and yours alone. Phew, that lets you off the hook doesn’t it? No more having to compare how you are to someone else. No more having to live up to expectations that just don’t suit your personality. No more having to be something you are not because according to the concept of areté, you already are.

What about the “shui” part? Well, you have probably heard about feng shui which is basically how the placement of things affects the flow of energy in your home, etc. The word origin of Shui means water. So, shui (flow) arête (being the best you can be). Flow into your own excellence.

Let’s just take a moment and be realistic, you are the only person in this world who is ever going to know if you did, or didn’t, live up to your own areté. Don’t let yourself, or others for that matter, fill you up with excuses as to why you shouldn’t or can’t do something! No more excuses. It’s a short life, and there is really is no reason for you stay in the shadow of yourself.

In the next couple of weeks I hope you will join me on discovering your unique areté and how to use the artist within to create your life so you can flow into your excellence!