Here’s a Quick Fix

I am going to let you off the hook right away, you can quit reading this if you want a quick fix, ain’t gonna happen, but oh how I wish it could.

Why don’t quick fixes work?
The analogy that comes to my mind is fad diets. They are here, and they are gone.

It’s not rocket science that just about EVERYTHING in life is a process, not an instantaneous thing; it’s a balance. I can’t be sure who is always moving the weights around on that scale but time and time again we watch things balance out. Some of us get to see them first hand; I like to call that karma whiplash, others of us wait years and still others of us never get to witness it all. Call it balance, yin/yang, or whatever you like, but you know it happens.

So, if the above paragraph is true, then it must stand to reason that as quickly as something appears/works, it can dissolve at the same rate of speed. That is why quick fixes don’t work. They are just another way to distract you from what is really at hand. Much like the “there” concept from my last post.

I am always leery of anyone who tells me they can help me do “x” in “x” amount of time. I am weighed down by the number of emails, ads and pop-ups that try to invade my mind with such thoughts. Admittedly, though, I have tried a bunch of the “x” things because, well, I am an explorer, that is what we do. I want to know first hand. Having said that, I must give the full disclosure and say that “x” ’s can be great learning tools.

It has also been my experience that if I try a quick fix method, and it doesn’t work, I usually feel one or all of the following:
1. Stupid that I bought into it.
2. Mad that it didn’t work.
3. Disappointed that I didn’t progress the way it claimed I should.
4. Mad that I didn’t think of it first because obviously they are making money on it, so I am the schlep.

Just kidding on that last one but you get the point.

As far as Shui Areté goes, I am not going to offer you any quick fixes or long fixes for that matter; we’re just going to be on this journey together. Be forewarned, though, I have a lifetime of tools in my travel bag, and I am an expert map maker when it comes to getting across rivers, valleys, mountains and flat terrain. Yours or mine.

I want to hear from you! Tell me about an “x” experience in the comments below!