What qualifications do I need to house sit?

Let’s face it, you wouldn’t want someone who was disrespectful, inconsiderate and lacking in good reasoning skills in your place, would you? (This answer should be no☺) So, you can imagine, neither do homeowners. Obviously not everyone looks for the same thing in a house sitter so it’s best to ask questions and really familiarize yourself with the people you will house sitting for BEFORE YOU GO.

There is no real prerequisite to house sitting aside from what the homeowners themselves dictate. As a general rule homeowners look for caring, responsible, conscientious people with life experience. If you take a moment to think about your life, home and pets, what kind of a person would you want watching them?

Even though there are no set rules for what qualifies or disqualifies a person to house sit, there could be deal
breakers. For example, some homeowners don’t want people who smoke, drink or party. Obviously, if you do, then it wouldn’t be too wise to apply for that house sit. Other homeowners may be strict vegetarians who do not want you cooking meat in their home. You get the idea.

Some house sits are family oriented, some look for single people others prefer couples and then there are some don’t have any preference. Just as they have their preferences, you as a house sitter might have yours. Maybe you don’t want to stay in a house that has a huge family. Or perhaps you have no experience with rabbits and they have five.

Remember that it isn’t just about the homeowner and what they are looking for. It’s about what you are looking for too. Really think about why you are considering house sitting and what is motivating you. Be realistic about your expectations and honest about who you are. Spend some time before jumping in knowing what your own expectations are. That way you are sure to choose the right sit.

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