We’re Back!

We were here, and then we vanished. Well, not vanished just took a little hiatus because, our crazy life, in a nutshell: we make movies and in between we travel. Although it was hard to get the first couple of house sits, harder still has been continuing to house sit and work at the same time.

As I mentioned, it has been difficult to keep house sitting but it is not because of the lack of
available house sits. As a matter of fact, we have turned down more house sits than we have had the chance to take. There are plenty of opportunities out there. The issue for us has been two-fold:

1. We have been busy working on films etc. so that we can take more time off and travel.

2. We signed on with a production company to develop our show for television, which limited what we were able to do. After a year, the experience with them left us very disappointed…BUT the good news is the contract has expired and now we are free to do whatever we want!

What does all this mean? For us it means we are actively seeking out alternative ways to get The Globe Squatters out there. For you it means we are free to give you all the information we have so that you can start “Globe Squatting”.

Thanks to all of you who hung in there with us this past year by checking back on our site, visiting us on Facebook and those signed up for our “oh so random” newsletters. Stay tuned for more posts about how you can start house sitting (we won’t be “oh, so random anymore)!

Our next stop? Iceland.