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Two artists on a little adventure house sitting their way around the world.

Legend has it these two people spent years working behind the scenes for movies & television until one day they realized their own vision of seeing the world was taking a back seat. After they landed their first international house sit in Ireland, they made a plan to house sit their way around the world and took off to see some of the greatest cities across the globe. Even though the days go by with little idea of their next destination, it’s proving to be a great adventure. Now you can keep up with them on The Globe Squatters web series, shop for exclusive items from their store and follow their blog, all right here.

A Slice of Ireland: Part Five
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A New Web Series and Updates

Okay, I admit, I am not the best at keeping up with a blog but this year we have so much exciting news I can’t wait to tell you about it. For instance, we are launching our five part web series: The Globe Squatters: A Slice of Ireland in a few short days! If you […]