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Two artists on a little adventure house sitting their way around the world.

Legend has it these two people spent years working behind the scenes for movies & television until one day they realized their own vision of seeing the world was taking a back seat. After they landed their first international house sit in Ireland, they made a plan to house sit their way around the world and took off to see some of the greatest cities across the globe. Even though the days go by with little idea of their next destination, it’s proving to be a great adventure. Now you can keep up with them on The Globe Squatters web series, shop for exclusive items from their store, subscribe to the newsletter and follow their blog, all right here.

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Painted Map Time Lapse

A time lapse video of us painting during one of our “Happenings”.


Happy Holidays!

Introducing one of the most amazing years ever, 2015! Wishing everyone the best for the upcoming year!

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Our submission, SPaCE, was chosen for the 2014 Carnegie Film Festival

This is pretty exciting. Carnegie Museum of Art just chose our film to be in the 2014 film festival this year! It’s footage we got as The Globe Squatters, house sitting around Scotland, Ireland, France and our own backyard:) Check out “SPaCE” by James Dames. They are doing a few different awards so if you want to […]


“Ojo” at Bricolage in Pittsburgh

Let’s just be honest, if you don’t know Bricolage then you don’t know “da Burgh”. Tami (Producing Artistic Director) and Jeffrey (Artistic Director) have been producing some amazing work in Pittsburgh since 2002. This is why we (James & Jolene) were so psyched when they asked us to do a few paintings for Ojo: The Next Generation in Travel, […]


Back at Home Base

We are back at home base now and really excited about what we are working on. Some big changes are coming soon and we can’t wait to tell you all about it! Stay tuned:)